Tao Weight Loss

Lose the Weight. Find your soul.

Desire and motivation are not the problem.

Every day we’re bombarded with messages. If we would just eat less calories, eat less fat, eat less saturated fat. If we just had more will power, more motivation, more discipline. If we would just do what they told us to do, we would lose weight. And it’s not like we don’t want to lose weight. Or like we haven’t tried.

We’re taught to eat wrong.

When you look at the shelves of the average grocery store you see them lined with foods that claim all kinds of health benefits. And yet as a nation, we continue our health decline. Why? One of the big reasons is that we’re taught to eat wrong. When we eat many of the “healthy” foods on our shelves today we’re in fact creating a direct path for the creation and accumulation of fat in our bodies.

The diet mentality saps our energy.

Attempting to lose weight over and over can often bring with it feelings of guilt, shame, and being out of control. It can drain our confidence, our sense of power, our belief in ourselves.

What is the Tao?

Literally translated The Tao means the path, or the way. There is a way things naturally work, a way our bodies naturally function at their peak.   Good health, which includes a healthy body weight, is our natural state.  When you do basic things like eat foods that are right for your body, move in the ways you were meant to move, and give yourself the gift of quality sleep, weight loss is no longer a struggle. And in the process, you may find you’ve gained way more than a healthy body.

“This has been phenomenal for me! I feel so empowered. I think to myself, ‘This is too easy… it can’t be true.’ I only wonder why it took so long for me to find this.”   –J.S.

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