Tao Weight Loss

“This has been phenomenal for me! I feel so empowered. I think to myself, ‘This is too easy… it can’t be true.’ I only wonder why it took so long for me to find this.”   –J.S.

Desire and motivation are not the problem.

Every day we’re bombarded with messages. If we would just eat less calories, eat less fat, eat less saturated fat. If we just had more will power, more motivation, more discipline. If we would just do what they told us to do, we would lose weight. And it’s not like we don’t want to lose weight. Or like we haven’t tried.

We’re taught to eat wrong.

When you look at the shelves of the average grocery store you see them lined with foods that claim all kinds of health benefits. And yet as a nation, we continue our health decline. Why? One of the big reasons is that we’re taught to eat wrong. When we eat many of the “healthy” foods on our shelves today we’re in fact creating a direct path for the creation and accumulation of fat in our bodies.

The diet mentality saps our energy.

Attempting to lose weight over and over can often bring with it feelings of guilt, shame, and being out of control. It can drain our confidence, our sense of power, our belief in ourselves.

This program is different

The Tao.

Literally translated The Tao means the path, or the way. There is a way things naturally work, a way our bodies naturally function at their peak.   Good health, which includes a healthy body weight, is our natural state.  This program allows you to think differently about yourself, the food you put in your body, and the larger culture in which we live.  When we walk this path–the path that is true to our bodies and true to ourselves, weight loss is no longer a struggle.


Our natural tendency is toward health and balance the same way that the natural world maintains a state of balance. Simply living in an unhealthy culture can bring us out of balance. When we learn to come back into balance in body, mind and spirit, weight loss happens easily.


The Tao teaches us that everything is interconnected. New research is confirming what old masters have know all along—that our emotions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and body chemistry all influence one another. We are a complex network of interrelated systems so intertwined that even experts don’t fully understand how they work. But knowing every detail of how they work isn’t as important as learning how to allow them to work for you.


Neuroscientists have recently discovered that the human brain is processing countless different things every second. How many of those things are in our conscious awareness? How do we decide what to think, and when to act? Mindfulness is about discovering and appreciating what is actually happening right here, right now. When we pay attention on this level, we are able to make choices that keep us in balance and integrity.


Walking the path of simplicity means getting back to the basic essence of things. This includes getting back to eating real, whole food.  It also means reconnecting with what’s really important to us. So you want to lose weight, but why? What do you really want? Why do you want it? Understanding the intricacies of how we lose weight may be complex, yet following the path to losing weight can be simple.

Doing without struggling.

Dieting can often feel forced—like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. And yet getting healthy and losing weight can feel effortless when you’re eating foods that work with your body and when you’re at peace in your relationship with yourself and with food.

Healthy living as a practice.

This means taking small actions on a regular basis that bring us closer and closer to balance. Over time, these small actions translate to big changes including weight loss, increased energy, and greater overall health and happiness.

It’s time to let go of blame and start taking responsibility.

When we finally learn how to eat foods that truly nourish our bodies and to be fully conscious of what we’re eating and how it affects us, then we’re able to make choices that lead us to the health and bodies we were meant to have.

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